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Are You Stuck In The Monotony of Your Usual Fitness Routine?

Most fitness routines fail due to a lack of results that keep you motivated and committed to continue the program.

Not to mention the boredom due to the repetitiveness of always doing the same exercises. Since not everyone can afford a personal trainer, the lack of accountability that happens when working out alone often leads to less frequent exercise, before gradually returning to exactly where one started.

Having Trouble Finding A Physical Activity Your Child Will Love Doing?

For parents, finding a physical activity for their children presents many additional challenges.

Children often outgrow the initial excitement and quickly lose interest in sports activities. It is not unusual to hear of parents that are constantly doing the rounds trying every sports activity in town hoping to find “the one” their child decides to stick to.

Martial Arts Is Different From All Other Sports.

The unique benefits of martial arts on the mind and the body are unlike any other sport because at the core of the training, the emphasis is on personal development.

Yes, of course we learn how to defend ourselves, gain confidence and get in shape, but the progressive nature of working towards the next belt makes martial arts unique, as it is an individual sport practiced in a team environment.

Try Our Program Today, With No Risks And No Commitments!

If you take action today and take advantage of one of our trial offers, I will give you my personal guarantee that if you are not satisfied with your martial arts experience, you will receive a 100% refund on your trial investment.

You have nothing to lose! However, I urge you to hurry and redeem your trial offer, as I cannot tell you how many times we have to turn people away because our classes are booked. All of our classes have limited space available, so act now!

Claire Tingay

We had an awesome class tonight. Sir took us through patterns, kicks and punches giving encouraging advice. We then focused on the correct motion of the double front inward punch, I feel confident ...
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Lisa Carnegie

A fantastic place and a great way to keep the kids fit and active. Super friendly instructors and my daughter absolutely loves attending her classes.
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Laura Lambton-Young

My son absolutely loves going to Choi Kwang Do. John and Donna are amazing and have made my son feel so comfortable and welcome from the moment he started. Would recommend to everyone!
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Donna Larcom

A great place to try Choi Kwang Do, great staff and a well set up location- the first few times are free if you want to try it out!
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